About Us

Om Holidays Tour & Treks is a well-known government registered agency dedicated towards quality service into the travel and hospitality sector of Nepal.  The company is based in Thamel, the touristic hub of Kathmandu city which is the capital of Nepal. Om Holidays is owned and managed by the professional team having years of experience in travel and hospitality industry. The company has been arranging various adventure tour and holiday packages to Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and Sikkim. Beside this, we have been organizing walking holidays, trekking or hiking in the Himalayas, day excursion private tour and even mountain expeditions in various parts of the Himalayan Region. Moreover, we are also expert in arranging adventure holiday packages, air tickets (both Domestic and International) at very reasonable prices.  

Quality service is our motto as every client deserves it and a satisfied client means a lot to us not only for business point of view but also for ethic and mortality of travel and hospitality professionalism.  We have quite good experience that a huge numbers of tourists are fully satisfied with us. We offer handsome salaries to our staffs in Nepalese context thus each and every employee is very sincere, honest and do their best to make your journey the most memorable. Our guides have good command in different types of  languages, however all the employee speak English. Similarly we are equipped with, air conditioned and non air conditioned tourist vehicles and very good national and international business links.

So, come and join us for any of our holiday or adventure package and feel the difference.

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