Traditional Yoga Ayurveda and Tour in Nepal


Ayurveda massage is traditional healing system which is sister science of yoga. It takes into account your entire constitution and lifestyle to figure out what is causing imbalances in your system which lead to diseas.Ayurvedic practitioners also prescribes exercise which may include Yoga Asna dietary guidelines. Massage is treated as a process that addressed the body and soul physically spiritually and emotionally. Going to Ayaurbedic massage may be a completely difference experience from which you might to be used as spa Here everything you need to know before you go to your appointment.Ayurveda regards oil-massage as the best source of providing nourishment to the external parts of body. Ayaurbedic massage will soften and smoothen the skin as well as reduces formation of wrinkles, keeping you young and lively. It also improves blood circulation throughout the body which would help proper transfer of nutrients to the cell and metabolic wastes out of the cell. 

Traditional Self-understanding and the practical part refines the mind to bring us closer to experiencing the true Self. to understand who they truly are. This is the purpose of traditional Yoga–knowing the Self (atma Jana). In Yoga, the laboratory is our body-mind complex; the tools are life experiences, along with this we provided silent guided heritage site tour and nature walk.

The yoga classes offer one of the oldest yoga techniques in Nepal, founded by  Guru Gorakhnath (also known as Goraksanath, estimated early 11th century), who was an influential founder of the Nath society Hindu monastic movement in Nepal and India. This is a different yoga technique that beginners can also do easily, they also have added some spiritual tours and hikes.After complete your tour and courses one before last day we offer Traditional ayurvedic oil massage for your refreshment.

Details Itinerary

Day 1st On your arrival, our staff welcome and if needed as per conversation Yoga Ashram representative will pick you up from the airport and transfer you to the hotel or yoga ashram. This evening, you will be introduced to your yoga guru, Dr. Chandra Mani Khanal and Ram Kumar Puri, have a briefing of the program details, and dinner at the hotel or ashram.

Day 2nd *05:00 Wake up *06:00 Sit down at any easy posture starting pranayama - Bidduut pranayama, Kapalvati, Anulom Bilom, Agnisar, Bhramari, Om chanting mantra

07:00 Posture, Surya Namaskar, Hirdya Asan 

07:30 Kaya mudras. Kaya mudra is an advanced form of pranayama. Some kaya mudras are Sambhavi mudra, Nashikagra, Khechari, Kaki mudra, Vugangani mudra, Vucheri mudra, Akashi mudra, Prana mudra, Bipiritkarani mudra, Pashini mudra, Tagadi mudra, Maha mudra, Mahaved mudra, Ashwini mudra

08:00 Yoga Nidra with cosmic sound therapy 

08:30 Rest and have a shower 

09:00 Breakfast (local organic Nepali, food Chapati 2 to 4 pieces, beans curry, seasonal fruits, a glass of cow milk, and juice) 

10:00 Drive to Sywambhunath Stupa also called the Monkey Temple, one of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed sites. During this time, you will also go to a monastery nearby and meet Lama Guru and talk with them about Buddhist yoga 

12:00 Noon drive to Patan historic and cultural city, also one of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed sites of Kathmandu. Sightseeing around Patan Durbar Square, where you can witness living Goddess Kumari

13:00 Vegetarian lunch at Patan City - Café De Patan Roof Top (you can have a very good view of Patan Durbar square) 

14:00 Drive to Pashupatinath Temple (UNESCO World Heritage-listed site

15:30 Drive to Boudhanath Stupa (UNESCO World Heritage-listed Site) of Boudha, visit some monasteries, meet some Tibetan people 

16:30 Drive back to the ashram 

18:00 Start soul meditation. This meditation is for everybody who has a passion to know the truth and wants self-realization. This meditation controls all of the problems which are related to stress. Soul meditation helps to develop consciousness, and awareness, and you can feel wholeness within. It is not complicated to learn. It can be practiced anywhere, at any given moment, and it is not time-consuming (one hour per day is good)

19:00 Bhakti yoga spiritual song with fluid 

20:00 Dinner 

Day 3rd It is the same schedule as the previous day, with short hiking to Nagarkot, Changu Narayan Temple, and Bhaktapur Durbar Square sightseeing tour combined with Ayaurbedic Traditional massage.

Day 4th 7 to 9 Pm Hatha yoga . Breakfast and final departure

Cost Details

  • 2 nights accommodation 
  • yoga, prayaman, dhyan, mudras as per itinerary 
  • necessary entrance fees 
  • All necessary ground transportation 
  • Airport transfers 
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner 
  • Farewell dinner in Kathmandu
  • Hiking, sightseeing, and village walking 
  • Professional and friendly guide and guru 
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel insurance 
  • International and domestic flight 
  • Beverage bills 
  • Gratitude (tip) for staff
  • Any extra activies

Equipment Checklist

  • Light seasonal clothes
  • Traubesr T shirt
  • Yoga mat
  • personal Medicine
  • Sun Glass for Tour
  • and other necessary things



Departure Dates

No fixed departures.
  • Trip Level
  • Destination
  • Max Altitude
  • Duration
    4 Days