Famous Yoga Tour in Nepal


A wakening yourself from inner journey from yoga, meditation and Reiki healing, There is simply no other discipline quite like yoga because it utilized the body, mind and spirit, all in one practice. Yoga is indeed a spiritual path that is based on ancient sacred philosophy, but one does not need to make an ethical decision when practicing yoga, rather finding your own path is wholly accepted. The holistic benefits of yoga are suitable for the young or old, sick or well, with any religious background. The secrets of yoga are inwardness, concentration, and purification of mind and body .

Daily yoga is considered to be higher than mere performing of exercises. Yoga helps one to establish integrity among his outer self as well as his inner. If the postures are done correctly then yoga breeds a positive effect both in the inner and outer selves of an individual. Exercises like walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, biking can only look after the physical development of the body, whereas, yoga brings peace of mind, refreshes the body, releases stress, brings in good health, relaxation and happiness.

Yoga bends over all human beings of all ages with positive and happy effect. For teenagers, yoga helps them to restore their youthful energies into constructive work. It creates a positive vibe around the youngster thereby preventing any negative influence and helps him to regain his inner strength.

In old age, yoga plays a vital role in recovering severe ailments and any muscular complications.During pregnancy, yoga helps a mother to cope up with the stress and fatigue thereby resuming her energies and happiness. Yoga also promotes good health to the child in her womb. Yoga is helpful in modern living as it counteracts numerous problems of modern existence.

Daily performance of Asanas will uplift physical condition of a man and regular meditation increases his power of concentration and other latent spiritual powers Other term of yoga will be fixed by our personal negotiation and during the yoga period you should be followed by our term and conditions as we have officially fixed. During the tour we teach only breathing exercise not others.

We have Team and providing Basic Yoga ( Beginner), Intermediate, Advance Lever ( 200 hours Teacher Training)

Along with yoga meditation is also very effective for mental cleaning, What is soul meditation?

This meditation for everybody who have passion to know truth and want to self-realization. This meditation controls all of problems which is related to stress. Soul meditation help to develop consciousness, awareness and we can feel wholeness with in us

Benefit of soul meditation.

Provides peace of mind and bliss. Awakening and purification of the Chakras (energy centers)  Increased acceptance of oneself, Helps living in the present moment., Expansion of consciousness  Increase self-actualization. Changes attitude toward life., Creates a deeper relationship with your God , Attain enlightenment It is not complicated to learn. It can be practiced anywhere, at any given moment, and it is not time consuming (30 min. per day is good).

What is a Soul?

God and soul have same character. Soul is a spiritual entity which has following character.

1)Infinite resource

2) Infinite creative

3)Infinite energy 

4)Infinite love

5)Infinite pure

6)Infinite knowledge

7)Infinite ambrosia (free from fear and death)

8)Infinite bliss

Meditation technique

In meditation you can get technique how to stable with the character of soul. First of all you will learn how to weaken our energy from subtle body, after weakening energy you will connect with your soul. After connecting your soul you will get techniques how to connect with god.

Packages of yoga Asana 

1.Stress relief. A few minutes of yoga during the day can be a great way to get rid of stress that accumulates daily - in both the body and mind. 

2. Weight loss.Sun Salutations,KapalBhati,  agnisharkriya and many other technique help to loose weight.

4. Inner peace. We can experience inner peace by doing yoga asana.

5. Improved immunity. Yoga poses massage organs and strengthen muscles, activate endocrine gland, produce anti stress hormones and improve immunity.

6. Awareness. Asana join our body, mind and soul and developed greater awareness.

7. Increased energy. A few minutes of yoga everyday provides the secret to feeling fresh and energetic even after a long day. 

8. Better flexibility. Regular yoga practice stretches and tones the body muscles and also makes them strong and flexible.

It is good to learn and practice yoga techniques under the supervision of a trained teacher Dr. Chandra mani , & Ram Kumar Puri

Details Itinerary

Day 1 Pick up you from the airport welcoming by beautiful beads and transfer to your hotel as per we have fixed—During enquiry time we can give you  some name of hotels regarding that you can ask to book hotels also if you have you can book by yourself. Today is almost free day for rest if time applicable we can take you garden of dreams and Treidevi   temple. Evening 7;00 PM dinner and discuss about yoga class   by our instructor for next day .

Day 2  You have to be ready at 5;00 AM – continue yoga and meditation  as per above mention, after  Breakfast  take you to Hotel  to change your clothes, 10;00 Am car or VAN is ready to take you Monkey temple also  called (swoyambhunath stupa,) ,Kathmandu Durbar squire, and continue drive to  Kirtipur back to hotel,at  4;30PM – take shower  5;30 PM take you to Yoga center for bhakti  yoga.

Day 3 After finish Yoga and meditation class at 10;00 we take you to Patan Durbar squire it is listed in world heritage site UNESCO  12;00 PM we will have launch at café de Patan sitting down roof top ,we can see  spectacular view of durbar squire 1 ;00 Pm drive to pasupati nath tample, This  Temple is one of the most significant Hindu temples of Lord Shiva, it is famous in the world, it attracts both Hindu and Buddhist religious and popular for tourists, experiences the culture of Nepal. 3;00 PM drive to Boudhanath stupa- The 36-meter-high stupa of Boudhanath is one of the largest stupas in South Asia. With countless monasteries surrounding it, Boudhanath is the center of Tibetan Buddhism in Nepal.

5;00Pm  back to Hotel rest and start bhakti yoga 6;30 to 7;30 PM Dinner

Day 4 today 10;00 AM drive to 15 Km Bhaktapur  is also known, is a museum of medieval art and architecture with many examples of sculpture, woodcarving and colossal pagoda temples consecrated to different gods and goddesses ,the attractions are beautiful entrance gate,lion’s gate, golden gate,55 windows palace, Pasupatinath tample. Taleju bhawani ,Vatsala , nyatpole , dattatreya, Bhairavnath tample.and more old attractive houses which are near to destruction by earthquake. Launch 12;00PM 1 Pm Drive to Nagarkot to see sunset-- Nagarkot is a village in central Nepal, at the rim of the Kathmandu Valley. It’s known for its views of the Himalayas, including Mount Everest to the northeast, which are especially striking at sunrise and sunset. Back to Hotel 7;00 Pm today is free day we will farewell Dinner with Nepali culture program.

Day 5  today is last day morning as per schedule we have yoga class and having breakfast with certificate distribution program, end our all course if time applicable souvenir shopping and and drop to airport or your destination.

Cost Details

  • Hotel accommodation in Kathmandu,  with breakfast as per the program
  • All necessary entrance fees.
  • Professional  and friendly guide
  • All necessary ground transportation.
  • Airport transfers.
  • All governmental procedure.
  • Farewell dinner in Kathmandu at typical Nepali restaurant.

  • Bar and beverage bills.
  • Your Travel Insurance.
  • Rescue & Evacuation.
  • Gratitude (tip) for staff.
  • Domestic  or international flight
  •  visa process
  • Beverage bills
  • Rescue if needed
  • Extra services—Reiki Healing

Equipment Checklist

  • Light clothes
  • Trauser
  • Small tawol
  • Water Bottle
  • Sunglass
  • mat



Departure Dates

No fixed departures.
  • Trip Level
  • Destination
  • Max Altitude
  • Duration
    5 Days