Bhaktapur is located only 15 km (10 miles) east of Nepal's capital – Thamel  Great for a day or weekend trip, The square is a living museum - with numerous ancient monuments, temples and buildings at every corner. What's more, if the weather is clear, you can admire the Himalayas from the nearby village of Nagarkot situated on one of the hills surrounding the Kathmandu Valley. You can also have a chance to experience real Nepalese hospitality by staying over with a local family in a traditional house - that's far more exciting and authentic than sleeping in yet another, boring tourist hotel.

 Bhaktapur Durbar Square is beautiful and seems like a living museum - it was founded in the 12th century and many of the temples and monuments are centuries old. The architecture is stunning and very diverse. Dark brick buildings contrast with beautifully carved and decorated wooden and sandstone temples of different styles. To be exact, it's actually not one square, but a maze of little streets and smaller plazas where you can feel as if you were in a different world.

Activities in Bhaktapur